The developer's point of view

Unlike many other alternatives, Solcubator was not created to serve as the gatekeeper that controls which projects should be listed for fundraising or not. Aspiring projects are free to be listed on our platform — easy and accessible for everyone — no redundant rules and regulations involved. Any determined developer with an ambitious idea that acts in good faith and intends to push their project to the mainstream is warmly invited to submit their presale on Solcubator. We will let the community decide in the end!

Suppose your project completes the incubation program successfully. In that case, we will endow you with a SOLC token grant that will only be released after a specific time, with the community's approval, of course.

Certified Solcubator IDO

Certified Solcubator IDOs won't be required to go through our upcoming on-chain voting process, and projects endowed with the designation can expect thorough incubation of the Solcubator team.

We recommend filling in our Certified IDO Application instead of the regular approach, but only if you're a well-established project.

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