The benefits of holding SOLC

The idea of our multifunctional token is for you to operate in our launchpad, to stake, and to vote on governance proposals. SOLC is a token that users will need to hold to be eligible for participation in the presale pools. We’re making a considerable effort to expand its use-case along the way as it’s meant to play an essential role in our ecosystem.

  • Staking to receive fee distribution A vivid and determined project like Solcubator desires a matching significance of interest and volume for their token. As a DeFi user, our farming platform will allow you to capitalize off that by getting a cut of the trading day’s token pool fees. *Further incentives to provide liquidity and rewards will be added to the platform with time, including liquidity programs and separate, unique pools with considerable APYs in SOL.

  • Staking to get presale pools access Your SOLC tokens represent the keys to participate in our upcoming IDOs. As implied before, we have a two-round system that dictates an exclusive allocation for all — even in some of the hottest presales.

  • Staking for governance purposes SOLC holders will be in the position to vote for ecosystem initiatives, new platform features, and changes to Solcubator, such as the details of our guaranteed allocation model and other applications.

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