An introduction to Solcubator

Solcubator is a permissionless and community-governed launchpad for Solana.

We expect the demand for Solana projects to continue going up. Therefore, we want to offer a secure, permissionless, and community-governed IDO ecosystem that can accommodate new investors entering the Solana ecosystem for the first time.

You might be aware that there have been countless recurring "rug pull" schemes on other blockchain networks. These events are the unfortunate repercussions of what typically happens when a massive new influx of investors and liquidity flows into an upcoming DeFi ecosystem (based on the developments we've seen on Ethereum and particularly the Binance Smart Chain). The point is, we want to protect these inexperienced (and sometimes even well-versed) investors at all costs. We don't want them to fall victim to bad actors that could take advantage of the freedom and permissionless nature of the DeFi ecosystem to scam users of their hard-earned cash. Solcubator is built for the people and governed by the people to prevent the described scenario from systematically returning and giving this ecosystem a bigger chance to grow and be adopted.

Another reason why we created Solcubator is that many launchpads across other chains are using an overly bureaucratic and complex system to determine which project will be featured on their platform. More often than not, a launchpad requires KYC and is characterized by a rigid selection process that is a firm reminder of the old barriers that have traditionally kept innovation only accessible to the rich. At Solcubator, we believe the community is an essential contributor to addressing many of the world’s problems and can take matters into their own hands. Aspiring projects are free to be listed on our platform — unhindered by government red tape and KYC rules. In effect, the Solcubator community utilizes their collective due diligence and DYOR skills to decide which project is value-adding for the Solana ecosystem. Let us filter through the messy landscape to discover the hidden gems of our growing ecosystem. The community will express their decision-making by voting for or against the projects coming through the Solcubator platform. It is that simple!

In the two following sections, we will illustrate the process for the developer end and the investor end.

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